Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Seeds

Okay, help me out on this one. Each year when my family carves pumpkins, the kids ask to make roasted pumpkin seeds. To which I usually respond, “We’ll see.” {It’s my catch-all phrase. I try not to talk in absolutes to my kids because they have this thing about holding me to perceived promises!} However, this year, I decided that I would try to roast pumpkin seeds for the first time.

For now, I’m attributing this momentary lapse in judgment to: 1) mother’s guilt, and 2) the incessant squeaking of an incredibly tight budget. In my pinched brain, I envisioned that this would provide an inexpensive snack for the kids and that I would appear the big hero for finally roasting some stinking pumpkin seeds.

We carved pumpkins on Sunday afternoon. The kids scooped and scraped, and then I stood at the kitchen sink {for what seemed like forever} rinsing pumpkin guts and hoping to eek out at least two cups of slippery seeds. Then, I let them dry on waxed paper {for what seemed like forever}. This morning, in my haste to make some banana, chocolate chip bread—in order to avoid throwing away some past-their-prime bananas—I nearly forgot that I had left the pumpkin seeds in the oven to dry! Luckily, I rescued them before they suffered a pre-heating disaster.

I poured a tablespoon of EVOO on them and added a very liberal sprinkling of cinnamon sugar. I baked them in a pie tin for about 45 minutes, taking them out every 15 minutes to stir and add more cinnamon sugar. I let them cool in anticipation of glorious praise from my three adoring children. I was sure they’d be excited over this surprise after-school snack.

Not so much.

Could someone please explain to me the allure of roasted pumpkin seeds? Is it just that they’re a pumpkin by-product, so they seem like they should be good? Is it a fear of throwing something away, like my need to use those soggy bananas? Has our need to repurpose just gone too far, or is there some redeeming quality to pumpkins seeds of which I am unaware? They were time-consuming and tasted a bit like cinnamon sugar coated hay.

I know that I am probably in the minority on this, so let’s hear your comments. Did I do something wrong, or am I just not that into pumpkin seeds? {By the way, I have a sneaking suspicion that I—the only one in the house—will continue eating them until they’re gone, because I can’t just throw them away!}


  1. Pleeeeeeeease! Give yourself permission to toss them out with the rotting pumpkins!