Monday, October 25, 2010

Dr. Seuss & Dopey Pete

It was recently reported that an unpublished manuscript by Dr. Seuss called “All Sorts of Sports” was sold at auction for more than $34,000. Along with the manuscript was a letter from Seuss to his assistant indicating that he was unhappy with the story. Apparently, Seuss was displeased with the main character Pete who attempts all sorts of sports. It seems Seuss felt that Pete would not appeal to readers and that some might even view him as a “dope.”

I am a huge fan of Seuss. (In fact, I often credit Green Eggs and Ham for turning my oldest daughter into an adventurous eater at an early age.) However, as a new writer it’s comforting to find out that one of the greats even had, on occasion, doubts about his own work.

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