Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday Words

It’s impossible to satisfactorily cite an exact number of words in the English language or to determine an average number of words in a person’s vocabulary. However, we can probably agree that there are hundreds of thousands of words and that most of us use only a fraction of them.

I love words, but I often encounter words that I cannot accurately define or that I have never seen or heard. I’m hoping I’m not alone, and I’m guessing most of us can benefit from some vocabulary development.

Therefore, each Wednesday the blog will be devoted to examining a word. I will define the word and part of speech, as well as offer an example of how the word may be used in a sentence.

I hope you have fun with Wednesday Words! Challenge yourself to use the word during the week. Quiz your friends and co-workers to see who can define it. Write the word and definition on a small note card and slip it into your child’s lunch bag. Use the word to start dinner conversation and challenge each family member to use the word properly in a sentence.


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